Embalming Service

Paramoksha provides you the following Embalming Services.

1) Certified and Professional Embalmers.

2) Preparing the body for Embalming.

3) Setting up of Facial Features

4) Arterial/Cavity Embalming.

5) Cosmetic Preparation (Makeup, hair, and clothes).

The members of our staff show you consideration, sensitivity, and friendliness. We handle everything for you so you can spend time with your family while we take care of everything else. Throughout the embalming procedure, our crew makes sure you’re at ease.

Embalming Deadbody Service

When someone passes away, the procedure of embalming a dead body involves putting a disinfecting solution within the body. It postpones the body’s post-mortem alterations, giving the dead a more peaceful aspect and, in certain cases, erasing some of the cause of death’s obvious effects. Verifying the family’s consent and demands comes before making a thorough plan for the preparation of the deceased, which includes looking at the death certificate. The corpse is positioned on the mortuary table with their head lifted by a headrest in the supine posture. The embalmer will confirm the identity of the body before starting any preparation (normally via wrist or leg tags). At this stage, embalmers frequently carry out a preliminary assessment of the deceased’s condition, taking note of things like lividity, rigour mortis, skin condition, edema, intravenous injection sites, presence of fecal matter, tissue gas, and a great deal of other things that may influence the procedure and result. Even though it is somewhat minimally intrusive, the embalming process is a surgical one. The procedure takes extensive planning, consideration, and chemical choice over the course of several hours.

Embalming is the process of treating human or animal remains to prevent decomposition in order to preserve them. Embalming dead bodies is handled by Paramoksha ; this procedure is carried out under licenced medical supervision and is one of the prerequisites for sending by rail or by air.