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 Paramoksha Cremation Services, your trusted partner in honoring the memory of your deceased loved ones. We specialize in providing professional and compassionate cremation and Funeral services, including Electric cremation services, Hindu Burial Services to ensure your family experiences a smooth and stress-free process during this difficult time.

Our Simple Cremation Process

Here are five simple steps to follow for a cremation

Contact our Professional team

Research crematorium in your area contact the selected crematorium and Book the Slot.

Provide Deceased Details

Provide the relevant and Necessary details about the deceased person to the Crematory.

Choose the Desired Time slot

Inform the crematorium staff of your selected cremation time slot when making your reservation.

Coordinate the Burning Process

You will be guided by the cremation professionals during the deceased person's burning process

Obtain the Certificate On-Time

This certificate serves as evidence of the cremation and may be utilised as needed for paperwork or legal needs.

Our Cremation Services Includes:

1.Online Cremation Services:

We comprehend that losing a loved one is an extremely difficult and emotional period. We offer complete end-to-end cremation services and Funeral Services, to support and help during this trying time. Our goal is to ensure a respectful and dignified farewell for your loved one, handling all the necessary arrangements with kindness and competence.

2.Freezer Box Rental Services:

It’s simple to rent a freezer box from us. We provide various rental terms to meet your needs, whether they are a few days, a few weeks, or even months. Our timely and dependable delivery and pickup services will help you save time and effort. We take great satisfaction in keeping our freezer boxes clean and functional to the greatest standards, guaranteeing that you get a well-maintained unit for your storage needs.

Our freezer boxes are made to offer a safe and secure space where your things can be kept at the appropriate temperature. They are roomy, spotless, and have effective cooling systems to provide ideal storage conditions. You can effortlessly maintain the ideal amount of coldness to protect the freshness and quality of your goods with customizable temperature settings.

3.Funeral Van/Hearse Van Services:

We offer a variety of transit choices to meet your unique needs. The ambulance vans, funeral vans, and mortuary vans in our fleet are all intended to ensure the courteous and dignified transfer of the deceased. Our drivers are skilled and considerate, and our vehicles are well-maintained and furnished with all required amenities.

We are aware of how critical timing is in these circumstances. Our company is dedicated to offering timely, effective services that guarantee the transfer of the deceased is completed without problems or delays. You may rely on us to take care of all the details so you can concentrate on grief and other important preparations.

 4.Dead Body Transport Services:

 We offer a dead body transport service that is available around-the-clock, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you. We are committed to giving you peace of mind at this trying time by providing a flawless and dignified transportation service.

In order to fully comprehend your unique requirements and plan the shipping procedure appropriately, our staff will work directly with you. To support a smooth and stress-free experience for you and your family, we ensure clear communication and seamless coordination with pertinent parties, including hospitals, mortuaries, airports, and other necessary institutions.

5.Pandit/Priest Service

Our skilled pandits are knowledgeable with the traditions and practises of numerous religions. They will lead you through the funeral rites, making sure that each ceremony is carried out accurately and with respect. Our pandits will offer advice to help you negotiate the spiritual parts of the funeral process, including prayers and songs as well as particular traditions connected to the last rites.

We recognise that every family has distinctive customs and preferences when it comes to burial rites. In order to fully comprehend your unique religious and cultural requirements, our pandits will work directly with you. They will customise their offerings to fit your traditions, making sure that the funeral rites are performed in accordance with your values and traditions.

6.Dedicated On-ground Team

All of the necessary arrangements, including transportation, documentation, and logistics, are coordinated by our team on the ground. To ensure a seamless process, they collaborate with Online crematorium booking, cemeteries, funeral homes, and other necessary parties. Their knowledge and attention to detail lighten your family’s load so you can concentrate on grief and paying tribute to your loved one.

7. 24/7 Services

You can rely on Paramoksha Cremation and Funeral Services to be accessible anytime you need help thanks to our 24-hour services. We are available to offer dependable Support, whether it’s for an emergency issue, an urgent request, or simply the ease of accessing services outside of regular office hours.

Why Choose ParaMoksha Cremation Services

  • Comprehensive Cremation Services: Paramoksha offers a variety of personalised and professional choices, such as memorial services, cremation and Funeral Services planning, Hindu Burial Services and ceremony preparations. During this difficult time, we work to make the procedure as smooth as possible while paying close attention to the details and respecting your choices. You may rely on us to manage every part of the cremation procedure with compassion and care.

  • Professional and Compassionate Staff: Our team is committed to offering great support, understanding, and individualised care through trying times. They guarantee that your demands and the wishes of your loved ones are respected and met thanks to their knowledge and compassion. Put your faith in our staff’s experience and compassion as they guide you through every step of the procedure and offer you support and comfort when you need it most.

  • Modern and Eco-Friendly Facilities: Paramoksha’s state-of-the-art wood/electric cremation services ensure a clean, efficient, and environmentally responsible option for your loved one’s final journey. In order to deliver a respectful and sustainable final farewell, our advanced crematoriums integrate modern architecture with green practises. We prioritise environmental responsibility without sacrificing quality or care, using energy-efficient cremation equipment and environmentally friendly filtering systems at Crematorium.

  • Transparent and Affordable Pricing: We believe in providing exceptional service without hidden fees or surprise costs. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive the best value for your money. You can be sure that our services uphold the greatest levels of care and professionalism while still being reasonably priced. By using our cremation and Funeral services, you may honour the memory of your loved one while benefiting from a reliable and open pricing structure.

  • Personalised Assistance: We understand that every family’s needs are unique. Our team at paramoksha, is here to help you plan a meaningful and personalised service to honour your loved one. Our individualised assistance provides a heartfelt and memorable farewell for your loved one, whether it’s by assisting you with decisions, managing unique requests, or providing emotional support. You can count on our compassionate staff to walk with you and provide you the time and support you need during the entire cremation procedure.

Electric Crematorium Online Booking Process

Research and select a funeral home or crematorium: Start researching into nearby Cremation Ground or Electric crematoriums. Consider about things like location, reputation, services provided, and cost.

Contact the crematorium: Contact Paramoksha Cremation and Funeral Services to find out about their availability and the reservation process. Usually, you can call to the office or find their contact information on their website. Our Dedicated team is Ready to assist you and provide Guidance throughout the process.

Provide Necessary Information: You must submit the appropriate and Necessary information when making a reservation, including the deceased person’s full name, birth date, death date, and any special instructions or wishes for the cremation.

Select cremation services: Our Cremation and Funeral Services frequently provide a range of options, including Hindu Burial Service and cremation with a memorial service. Choose the services that best suit your needs after discussing your choices.

Schedule for the cremation:  We aim to provide a dignified and prompt Cremation service for your loved one with great attention to detail and sympathetic support. You can schedule the cremation day and time once the necessary documentation is finished. Based on their availability, the funeral home or crematorium employees will work with you to establish an acceptable time period.

Additional arrangements: We provide additional cremation arrangements in addition to the cremation procedure to ensure a thorough and unique experience. Our devoted team is available to help you, from planning funeral or memorial ceremonies to processing cremated remains. communicate such plans with the funeral home or crematorium


Requirements for Online Cremation Slot Booking

  • AADHAR Card, Voters Card, or Deceased Passport.
  • FORM 4 in the event of a Natural Death at Home, officially signed by a Qualified Medical Professional and bearing Registration Number.
  • In the event of hospital death police, use FORM 4A, or Death Summary. In the case of an unnatural death, a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE is required requested from you as proof of their identity and reserved crematorium slot confirmation
  1. Traditional Hindu Burial Services: Experience the dignity and reverence of traditional cremation and Funeral services. Our dedicated team understands the importance of honoring cultural and religious customs during this solemn occasion. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure a respectful and seamless cremation process, adhering to traditional rituals and practices. From the preparation of the body to the final cremation ceremony, we handle every aspect with sensitivity and professionalism
  2. Electric Cremation Services: Experience Electric cremation services, a modern and ecological option. Our advanced facility in provides a highly effective and innovative solution for the last disposition of loved ones. We guarantee efficient and respectful burial services from beginning to end thanks to our specialized equipment and knowledgeable employees. Families can take comfort in the knowledge that the final voyage of a loved one was in line with environmental responsibility and sustainability.
  3. Cremation Support Services: Every step of the way, from arranging papers and licences to planning Hindu Burial services or scattering ceremonies, we offer direction and assistance. Our goal is to lessen the burden on families at this trying time by acting professionally and sensibly. Count on us to give you the help and tools you need to honor the memory of your loved one and ensure a dignified and heartfelt goodbye.
  4. Memorial Services and Ash Scattering: In order to accommodate your preferences and cultural or religious traditions, our devoted team will walk you through the process and provide you with a variety of Cremation and Funeral Services, Burial services & Memorial Services options. Whether you decide to hold a traditional memorial service or decide to spread the ashes in a meaningful place, we offer the support and help required to create a sincere farewell. 
Cremation Services in Hebbal
Ambulance Service

Sometimes all it takes is one accident to turn your life upside down. In these situations, it's vital to provide the patient with emergency medical care and aid them in getting to a hospital as quickly as possible. We offer skilled, prompt, and dependable ambulance services.

Cremation Services in Hebbal
Coffin Box Services

Your loved one's final home will be in a coffin box. As a result, it is crucial that the coffin and box are built with the utmost tenderness, love, respect, and dignity. We create these coffins so that your loved one's passing will be marked by affection and respect.

Cremation Services in Hyderabad, Cremation Services in Hebbal, Peenya Electric Crematorium
Mortuary Van Services

The worst event in life is losing a loved one. We should at least protect their mortal self. It is our duty to provide them with a dignified and comfortable final voyage, and we are here to assist you in that.

Cremation Services in Hyderabad, Cremation Services in Hebbal, Peenya Electric Crematorium
Funeral Decor

It's crucial to give your loved ones a decent funeral so that they can pass on and so that you can let them go. Because of this, our staff decorates the final rituals and the morgue to make your loved one's last ride or ride unique. We also provide specialized services. We handle even the smallest details.

cremation Services in Bangalore, Cremation Services in Hebbal, Peenya Electric Crematorium
Cremation and Funeral Services

We are aware of how challenging it is to concentrate on anything else after losing a loved one. We are here to assist you in making all the arrangements for the cremation and Funeral services because of this. so that you can peacefully say goodbye to the soul who has passed.

Cremation Services in Hebbal
Freezer Box Services

It is incredibly difficult to let a loved one go. You require the support of your loved ones right now. If they were unable to come together in time, you can use a freezer box to keep food fresh while you wait for them.

Cremation Services in Hyderabad, Cremation Services in Hebbal, Peenya Electric Crematorium
Funeral Services

For you and your loved ones, it's crucial to give your loved one a dignified and beautiful funeral. When a loved one has passed away, doing all the ceremonies properly is not an easy chore. We are here to assist you in planning a complete funeral because of this.

Cremation Services in Hyderabad, Cremation Services in Hebbal,Peenya Electric Crematorium
Dead Body Transport

We value our hometown and home very highly. We desire our loved ones' mortal selves to leave our native countries, even if we don't live there the most of the time. We are here to assist you in transporting your loved one to the last stop with respect and dignity because of this.​


Hindus perform traditional funeral customs and rituals known as "Hindu burial services," often referred to as  "Antim Sanskar." Hindu funeral practices are primarily intended to ensure that the departed receives a dignified send-off and to smooth their passage into the next life.

The cost of a simple cremation Service can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, funeral service provider, and additional services chosen. It is recommended to contact local funeral homes to inquire about pricing.

Paramoksha Offers Traditional Funeral Service, Electric Cremation Services, Graveside Service, Hindu Burial Services

Paramoksha Cremation ground offers complete assistance with all types of funeral service requirements. We offer Online cremation Booking, Dead Body transportation, Funeral Van Decor, Pooja Samagri, Pandit/Priests, Freezer boxes, and document clearance services.

Dial 919019244548 to reach Our Crematorium. All cremation-related services are available for booking and inquiry at the Bangalore Crematorium.


Overall, knowing there was at least a reputable emergency service nearby was somewhat consoling for the sad family.


Best service offered. Nursing personnel and the driver were courteous and professional. Book is highly recommended overall.


Very timely and meticulous service. extremely happy with the service. Ambulance in good, clean condition.